Project Description

Apartments at Bangalore North

Bengaluru, India

Nature and high-density housing co-exist in Apartments at Bangalore North. The multi-purpose landscape fosters sustainable landscape that serves a variety of functions.

PLUS worked on the landscape master plan of a 17-acre, high-density apartment community project in Bangalore, India. Ari Daman worked with MVRDV, a leading design firm from the Netherlands, on the master planning phase of the housing project. The landscape master plan for the community was based on the concept of cells that could expand with each phase of the project. The ecological approach to the high-density community created a unique, sustainable landscape that serves a variety of functions for the residents. The cell concept also allowed flexible programming of amenities which could be added or changed over time as the phases develop. The idea was to make each phase of the project look complete.


17 Acre

Design Director

MVRDV (Architecture)

Project Timeline
2009 – 2010