Place Lalla Yedounna Redevelopment Plan

Fez, Morocco

Our plan envisioned reconnecting the city and its residents with the river by cleaning the river, adding open spaces, and creating tourist-oriented functions around the river.

The competition sponsored by UNESCO in the City of Fez relied on three strategies, redevelopment strategies, landscape open space strategies, and historic preservation strategies – in the revitalization of the southern side of the City of Fez, a world heritage site. The scheme proposed reconnecting the residents of the city to the river as the first step to revive the dilapidated part of the city.

The project envisioned cleaning the river, adding open spaces, and tourist-oriented functions around the river to activate the area. A new bridge and entrance were added to provide a better connection from the outside world to this part of the city. The entrance was defined by a new gateway feature over the narrow lane that was lined with workshops to create a new bazaar for local craftsmen to sell their products.


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Design Director

Diogo Passarinho
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Project Timeline